After a rollercoaster 2015, Mick figured he had met his drama limit for the decade and opted out of full-time WSL competition in 2016. His goal, to search with friends. With Mason in tow, here’s Mick’s foray into the icy wilderness.

But before you dig in…
A Conversation While Suiting Up For The Best Session of the Trip:

Mick: Look at that! Look at that section!
Mason: Brah, but that’s not even close to the one I seen earlier.
Mick: Really?
Mason: I swear I saw one that was like an eight-foot, ten-second barrel! It was wide, like Backdoor.
Mick: Well, let’s do it.
Mason: Brah, what do I do? Do I bust out the 6’3”?
Mick [waxing board]: This is just like rubbing ice cubes on my board, huh? [jumps in the water]
Mason [to himself]: Do I need the 6’3”?
Mike [coming out of the wheelhouse]: You just gonna talk about it Mason or you gonna go surf?
Mason: Oh, man, I knew I liked you. You remind me of my dad.

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