The Biggest East Coast Swell Of A Generation
Friday 3 June 2016: 24 hours out and a monster northeast swell was bound to hit the east coast of Australia. It’d been 27 years since a similar low of this magnitude popped up on the charts. 27 years! There’s three generations of surfers, who’d never seen anything like it.
It’s no wonder our friends at Coastalwatch have produced a documentary style movie about the June mega swell last month. Includes interviews with Midget Farrelly, Tom Carroll, Prof. Andrew Short, Beau Mitchell, Matt Dunsmore, Lachie Rombouts, Mike Psillakis, Steve Maxwell, Mark Onorati, Mark Mathews, Harley Ingleby, Ben Player Ben Macartney and John Charlton.
Yes, they’ve been busy. So now, it’s time to reflect and celebrate… with 30 minutes of your day spent well.
Filmed, Produced & Edited by Sally Mac at Coastalwatch

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