“We decided that the best and only way to tell this amazing story was to get the key participants of the various times, to take us on their personal journeys through the 50 years. We broke down the 50 years in to 10 year segments, which in a 1 hour documentary, means each decade has around 10 minutes allocated to it.

“That meant it had to be a broad sweeping look at our history and cover the different coasts, follow the progression of the surfing and the board designs, the administration, judging, coaching and the clubs. We are much indebted to the surfers who gave the time and wisdom in the interviews, those who sourced out old photos, film, video tape and memorabilia which captured the history of the 50 year journey. All the interviews of the incredible cast of characters, of which only short bits were used for the documentary, are on record forever now and will be made available over the years to come, along with the films, videos, photos and memorabilia.”

John Charlton

Surfers interviewed include:
Mal Sutherland, Bob McTavish, Ken Adler, Phyllis O’Donnel, Billy Stafford Jnr., Tony Dempsey, Paul Daley, Terry Baker, Paul Neilsen, Mal Chalmers, Wayne Deane, Andrew McKinnon, Robert “Bushy” Mitchell, Glen Elliott, Kara Webber, Peter Townend, Wayne “ Rabbit” Batholomew, Michael “Munga” Barry, Mark Richardson, Jay Phillips, Gary “Kong” Elkerton, Andrew Stark, Bede Durbridge, Phil McNamara, Mick Fanning, Mitch Parkinson, Dimity Stoyle and Scott Gillies.

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