Earlier this year Asher Pacey brought to our attention a dot on the map which he had heard whispers was home to a wave of near perfection. 

A three-flight trip away from his nearest airport to an island with some of the whitest sand, ruler edge reefs, pure green water and an abundance of wildlife both on the land and in the sea.  After a week of frantic organisation, the dots were connected and Asher – along with Marlon Gerber, photographer Andy Gough and filmer Carlo Coral – were hopping their way to paradise just north of Western Australia.  It was a trip of discovery which offered mixed rewards but a glimpse at the potential of a mystical destination worth keeping in mind for that next roll of the dice.

Filmed by: Carlo Coral & Shane Fletcher
Edited by: Shane Fletcher
Music: ‘Pip, Pip Yeah’ x Dara Pulpit.


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