Founded by ex Surfing Life assistant ed, Andy Morris, 18seconds magazine was established in 2010. Published bi-monthly (digital/print on demand) , it’s core surf, inspired by surf, straight out of Currumbin on the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on design, editorial and photographic excellence. We’ve published 27 issues to date and have gained a reputation as a magazine people can trust.

At the beginning we knew there’d be obstacles. Like for example, pumping waves on deadlines… it takes strong-will and courage to man the fort, when A-frames are being split out the front.

Our biggest obstacle was the term loosely thrown around by some potential sponsors at the time: it’s too “modern”. We explained it was up-to-date and new, and a lil’ forward thinking, and the people will embrace!

Over the last five years we’ve watched electronic publishing evolve and have been excited by its developments and mass acceptance.

But what’s been even more exciting is how surfers across the globe have embraced 18seconds’ method of storytelling – through the work of rich media and integrity. Seriously this ain’t no garbage – we feel loved. Meanwhile, a bunch of publishers play catch-up. Oh, stop it!

Okay, but what’s it all about?

It’s an electronic sea – inspired by surf – all about surf!

Fruit! What else would we be about? My dad once said, “Introductions should always start with a handshake.” Well that’s kinda difficult when we’re not looking at each other. So allow me to introduce you to 18seconds.

We’re not another surf/skate/snow/art/music crossover magazine. We’re another core surfing magazine. We’re all about surf. We thrive on it, froth on it and occasionally get into our car before sunrise for it.

Seriously. Escapism, real surfers, pro surfers,
 exotic destinations, unseasonal swells, novelty lineups, good times, freedom, subculture, adventures, exceptional swells, road trips, formidable characters, upsets, smiles, memories, history, 4.30pm glass-offs, dreamy surf breaks, etc. are what you find in 18seconds. A collection of special experiences that make surfing so impressive.

So what’s the difference between them and us? Great question. We’re Australia’s original core online surfing magazine (we only cut down trees when we’re asked to print). We pride ourselves on design, editorial and photographic excellence. We provide surfers with a rich reading experience through multimedia and interactivity, by bringing the best surfing from around the world. Why? Because it’s the future, man. We’re moving with the times and inviting you to come for the drive.

We ask little of you: embrace us; love us; and save us in your bookmarks.

Sound good? Wanna get to know our editor a bit more? Drop him an email or read this interview he did with Surf Careers.