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Welcome to the 2016 Photo Annual. Inside you’ll find a bunch of moments making it a spectacular year for surf in Australia.

So spectacular, Mick, Joel and friends were already calling the first day of 2016 better than all of ‘15. This was an ambitious call considering we were only 12 hours into the New Year.

Little did we know, we were about to be hit with months of perfect swell (well, in south east Queensland at least) making for a dream run that’ll go down in history as one of the most consistent and hollow summers since the ‘70s. The boys must have known something…

This is a tribute to the sea and everyone inspired by swell (we’re inspired by swell, just look at our tagline!). It’s a tribute to the surfers and photographers who are a little crazy, a little obsessed. A tribute to the guys who dedicate their lives to creating visual symbols and wonderful art.

The 2016 Photo Annual is available right here. The beautifully crafted 160 page book, showcases the best images of 2016 accompanied by the surfer’s name, manoeuvre, approx’ location and a coupla words from the men behind the cameras.

$35 skins to your door, Australia wide.
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